LV1300-C2 LightningVolt Lithium Truck APU Battery
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LV1300-C2 LightningVolt Lithium Truck APU Battery

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LightningVolt™ Lithium Auxiliary Truck Battery

LightningVolt™ lithium batteries are a high-performance upgrade for the house battery bank that powers your truck’s electric APU. LightningVolt™ improves electric APU performance, doubling the power in your sleeper cab! These 100AH deep-cycle lithium batteries are engineered for commercial trucks and buses, but are Group 31 size, making them a good upgrade for RVs, golf carts and marine applications as well.

How Can LightningVolt™ Revolutionize Life on the Road? For long-haul truckers who are on the road up to 300 days a year (that’s over 80% of each year!), a truck sleeper cab is a home—just one with serious power restrictions. A sleeper cab running on an electric APU usually has 4–6 hours of power if you only use small electronics and an HVAC system. This means avoiding big kitchen appliances, holding back on entertainment like a TV or games console, and rationing battery consumption so the heating or AC can keep the sleeper cab livable. The alternative is to idle your engine and burn more fuel.

Here at Roadwarrior, we realized we could do better for vital workers like long-haul truck drivers, so we created LightningVolt™—the lithium battery upgrade designed to bring more power to your sleeper cab. Compared to lead-acid or AGM batteries, LightningVolt™ offers 2× more electric APU runtime and the freedom to include more electrical appliances in your sleeper cab! With worry-free compatibility, you can also trust LightningVolt™ to work with your alternator!

Bluetooth Monitoring

With the popular LightningVolt smartphone app, you get real-time insights and control right at your fingertips. Monitor your battery’s state of charge, voltage, current, and temperature all displayed instantaneously on your phone or tablet. The app simplifies battery monitoring by pinpointing the time remaining to charge or deplete your battery, ensuring you’re never caught off guard. Diagnosing your battery system is simple with the LightningVolt app, instantly read battery status and faults with suggested solutions to keep you energized.

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