XN0618 Skyline Aftermarket DOC for Cummins ISX
SKU: XN0618-M

XN0618 - DOC for Cummins ISX, Navistar N13

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Item: Skyline aftermarket DOC for Cummins ISX and Navistar N13, Module Only

Skyline Part #s:

Module only: XN0618-M

Clamp #: 1x of CL004, 1x of CL056

Gasket #: 1x of GA004, 1x of GA056

OEM Part #: 4353264, 4353264NX, 4353264RX, A047V463, 5309560, 5309560NX, A043W779, 2510794C91, 2510615C92, 2510615C91, A043X535, 5011254R91

Engine Make/Model: Cummins ISX, Navistar N13

Warranty: 3 years / Unlimited miles

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C0152-ID; C0334-ID; 58021; 65040; C20-0030; 4353264CUM; 4353264NXCUM; 4353264RXCUM; 5309560CUM; 5309560NXCUM;

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